Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I Guess I'm Getting Old!

I've been 'out of pocket' lately and remiss in updating my blog... oopsie.

However, I recently made a personal observation; is it a sign that I'm becoming one of "those" old people when the first item on my shopping list is bird seed??? I've never really been much of a bird-person until recently. Now I find myself with three bird feeders along with a 4th bird feeder just for hummingbirds! Oh, and I have two bird baths and a solar powered fountain.

Where has this sudden interest in wild birds come from? Have I undergone some hormonal metamorphasis that changed my brain patterns? Now mind you I haven't gone so far as feeding squirrels (I still think of them as rodents with fluffy tails), and hope I don't get to the point of naming them (like my much beloved grandmother did)!

I've enjoyed watching hummingbirds in the past, and actually went so far as to plant specific flowers in my garden to attract them. But have never actually installed feeders in my yard for them. And as noted in a previous blog... having much less success with the feeder than with the flowers!

Another concern I have that I'm aging is that I tend to forget things. (big surprise there, right?) I was walking out to get my mail yesterday, and remembered ordering 2 banana trees for my garden, but concluded that I'd never received them. Then during my sleeplessness last night I suddenly remembered that I did receive them, but left them in my handy garden wagon, which I absent-mindedly left parked out in my garden!

Geez... or should I say "geezer"?!


  1. Welcome to the club!!! I'm right there with ya sister. You are not alone!!! My worst is I will be in a big hurry and can't find my keys. It was an everday occurance. I finally got smart and put a basket by the door and the minute I get in the door, there they go... Glad you like bird world. So do I... My new venture, I am looking into a purple martin house for next spring.

  2. Pammerys, YOUR guess on my blog of 1953 was my BIRTH YEAR!!!