Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have landscapers working on my yard this week. These guys are great. They've torned out old bushes, demolished a storm-damaged structure beside my house, leveled my driveway and a ton of 'miscellaneaous stuff' so far! They'll be planting some new trees and reattaching a downed downspout when they come back. Now mind you, some of these things Steve (my son) the ultimate procrastinator had promised to do... had been promising to do all summer. So he was quite relieved to hear that he was now off the hook for those tasks. We still have the "Battle of the Garden Weeds" onsuing though.

The yardwork is in preparation for the big spring project; a new patio with waterfall and fishpond in my back yard. The patio is a zen-thing for me, so I can sip coffee while gazing at the neighborhood pond and pondering deep thoughts. I added the fish pond mostly for my Jakester to enjoy.

Of course this is costing me a ton of money! But I've earmarked one of my IRA's for that purpose so I guess I'll be cashing that baby in just a little early.

I'll post some 'after' pics next week... after my upcoming trip to visit friends in San Francisco!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Deep thoughts...

Yesterday I got the bug to do some cleaning/organizing around the house. Why is it that as I work real hard to get one little area of my bedroom organized, I create an enormous mess somewhere else? Must be some long-forgotten law of physics. Ditto as I try to move & organize my exercise/sewing room. I threw away enough stuff to fill one of my mega-garbage cans, and yet the fallout mess appears.

On the bright side, my cat caught a mouse... I guess that's on the bright side; since at least I didn't see a live mouse.

Even did some yard cleanup... but to be honest it still doesn't look any different to me. At least it was a beautiful day outside.

Thought I'd catch up on my dishes later, and since I do them by hand in the sink (dishwasher doesn't work very well with my extremely hard water, and keep forgetting to call the Culligan Man to get an estimate to install new filtration system... I digress) so I started the hot water and loaded the sink with dirty dishes. Had to leave the dirty pans in the empty side of the sink for a second load. Then left it to fill while I loaded the laundry, where I got distracted by a couple of small tasks in the basement. Returned to the kitchen to do the dishes and yepper, water on the kitchen floor. geez.

Come bedtime I settle in to my bedtime reading routine, to discover I'd lost one of my contacts. Well that happened to be my last pair of contacts, and since I'd broken my glasses playing with the Jakester, I had to dig the two pieces out of the bottom of my purse and super glue them together so I could read. But the book was humorous so it was a good day!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wacky Grandma... Goofy Songs

Yesterday was my weekly 'Day With Jake' day. And I have to say that there's nothing on earth that I'd rather be doing than hangin' with the Jakester. However upon my return home I'm always haunted by the demons of those wacky songs we sing! Today of course I still have 'Five Little Monkeys' jumping around in my head...

I've been carrying around a new little tball set in my trunk, and since I've never been known to hold onto gifts for official special occasions, I broke it out yesterday afternoon. The little critter knew exactly what to do with it! (Must be something genetic...) Grabbed the bat, stepped up to the plate and gave it a good smack; left-handed of course. I never got to bat. Grandma helped retrieve the balls.

As usual, he was Mr. No Nap for me. We were busy, busy, busy all day. We finally settled down to chill out and watch Shrek, when Daddy got home. I set Jake down on the couch while I went to the kitchen to get him some juice (I've become a very obedient retriever) and when I got back only seconds later, he'd already fallen asleep on the couch and Daddy took him up to lay him down on his bed.

I guess Grandma is just too much fun to give in to a nap!
(By the way, he's not picking his nose in the pic! He puts his finger on his mouth while he ponders deep thoughts.)

Friday, October 8, 2010

Top Toddler Chef! The Noodlemaker

Grandma shows Jake how to pat the dough out, which of course Lori had to show me first.

Jake inspects his dough to make sure it's patted out to the exact consistency he wants.

Of course Jake wants to get right to the equipment, not allowing Grandma to help since he automagically knows how to operate any piece of machinery. And voila... noodle perfection!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

One Tired Grandma!

Today was my day with Jake, and what a busy day it was! My dear friend Lori (Altered Glass blog) came over to Jake's house and we (all 3 of us) made a batch of home made noodles. Jake was totally into it, complete with flour from head to toe. Lori took some pictures so I'll upload them soon. It was a lot of fun actually... at least for Jake and me... not so sure Lori had so much fun, but she is a saint and went along for the ride.

Then we took off for a local tree/plant nursery for a visit. It was a virtual playground for the Jakester... run, run, run. Bless Lori's heart, she was so patient with us! Jake & I then hit both McDonalds and Hardees for our weekly lunch extravanza. When we stopped by my house to eat and watch Underdog, we noticed that Grandpa Ryser and Great Grandma Wille were at Great Grandma's house, so of course a visit was in order. I was thinking he'd fall asleep in the car on the way back to his house, as he normally does. But no, no. Lots of outdoor time for us when we got him home. Blowing bubbles in the yard, swinging, sliding, climbing, digging gravel out of his dad's driveway and filling the back of his gator with the gravel treasures, and of course more running/chasing up & down their hill numerous times. I did get him to slow down long enough to enjoy some M&M's, then off to the races again. We were just settling down to watch Madagascar when his Mommy got home.

I'm sure he'll sleep well tonight... I know I will!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Long Time ... No Blog!

I'm back... It's been a year since I've blogged: a long difficult year.

On the bright side the light of my life, little Jake, is two now. I still get to spend a day with him each week and I look forward to it. He's starting to talk, but in typical boy fashion he uses his words when it suits his fancy, not on anyone else's urging (unless of course the two are combined).

We had an 85th birthday party for my mother, and were surprised to hear her say that it was the first 'official' birthday party she'd ever had. Of course we always had family get togethers, but nothing on the magnitude of this shindig.

My son has recently changed careers. The combination of exceedingly high stress and equally low pay caused him to leave his position as a Mental Health Professional. I think he really enjoyed his work with clients and judges in the mental health court program, but just couldn't support his family on such a meager salary. So now he's the Bud Man! Working for Budweiser (Annheiser Busch) and liking it!

As for me... well it's same-old same-old.