Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Wacky Grandma... Goofy Songs

Yesterday was my weekly 'Day With Jake' day. And I have to say that there's nothing on earth that I'd rather be doing than hangin' with the Jakester. However upon my return home I'm always haunted by the demons of those wacky songs we sing! Today of course I still have 'Five Little Monkeys' jumping around in my head...

I've been carrying around a new little tball set in my trunk, and since I've never been known to hold onto gifts for official special occasions, I broke it out yesterday afternoon. The little critter knew exactly what to do with it! (Must be something genetic...) Grabbed the bat, stepped up to the plate and gave it a good smack; left-handed of course. I never got to bat. Grandma helped retrieve the balls.

As usual, he was Mr. No Nap for me. We were busy, busy, busy all day. We finally settled down to chill out and watch Shrek, when Daddy got home. I set Jake down on the couch while I went to the kitchen to get him some juice (I've become a very obedient retriever) and when I got back only seconds later, he'd already fallen asleep on the couch and Daddy took him up to lay him down on his bed.

I guess Grandma is just too much fun to give in to a nap!
(By the way, he's not picking his nose in the pic! He puts his finger on his mouth while he ponders deep thoughts.)

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  1. He's a cutie and a blast to run after, but he would wear me out,,, someday I will have to take grandma classes, but I have been told it won't be for quite a while....