Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I have landscapers working on my yard this week. These guys are great. They've torned out old bushes, demolished a storm-damaged structure beside my house, leveled my driveway and a ton of 'miscellaneaous stuff' so far! They'll be planting some new trees and reattaching a downed downspout when they come back. Now mind you, some of these things Steve (my son) the ultimate procrastinator had promised to do... had been promising to do all summer. So he was quite relieved to hear that he was now off the hook for those tasks. We still have the "Battle of the Garden Weeds" onsuing though.

The yardwork is in preparation for the big spring project; a new patio with waterfall and fishpond in my back yard. The patio is a zen-thing for me, so I can sip coffee while gazing at the neighborhood pond and pondering deep thoughts. I added the fish pond mostly for my Jakester to enjoy.

Of course this is costing me a ton of money! But I've earmarked one of my IRA's for that purpose so I guess I'll be cashing that baby in just a little early.

I'll post some 'after' pics next week... after my upcoming trip to visit friends in San Francisco!

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  1. I forgot you were starting this BEFORE the trip.. woo hoo!!!! TAKE PICS!!!! before and after...