Saturday, October 16, 2010

Deep thoughts...

Yesterday I got the bug to do some cleaning/organizing around the house. Why is it that as I work real hard to get one little area of my bedroom organized, I create an enormous mess somewhere else? Must be some long-forgotten law of physics. Ditto as I try to move & organize my exercise/sewing room. I threw away enough stuff to fill one of my mega-garbage cans, and yet the fallout mess appears.

On the bright side, my cat caught a mouse... I guess that's on the bright side; since at least I didn't see a live mouse.

Even did some yard cleanup... but to be honest it still doesn't look any different to me. At least it was a beautiful day outside.

Thought I'd catch up on my dishes later, and since I do them by hand in the sink (dishwasher doesn't work very well with my extremely hard water, and keep forgetting to call the Culligan Man to get an estimate to install new filtration system... I digress) so I started the hot water and loaded the sink with dirty dishes. Had to leave the dirty pans in the empty side of the sink for a second load. Then left it to fill while I loaded the laundry, where I got distracted by a couple of small tasks in the basement. Returned to the kitchen to do the dishes and yepper, water on the kitchen floor. geez.

Come bedtime I settle in to my bedtime reading routine, to discover I'd lost one of my contacts. Well that happened to be my last pair of contacts, and since I'd broken my glasses playing with the Jakester, I had to dig the two pieces out of the bottom of my purse and super glue them together so I could read. But the book was humorous so it was a good day!

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  1. You just make me giggle *not laughing at you* quite the opposite. I can relate to the one step forward, two steps backwards theory. Happens more times than I care to share. Glad you keep your humor amoungst all the frustration! and besides that it sounded like you were resorceful by gluing your glasses until Monday rolls around. Hugs♥