Monday, October 4, 2010

Long Time ... No Blog!

I'm back... It's been a year since I've blogged: a long difficult year.

On the bright side the light of my life, little Jake, is two now. I still get to spend a day with him each week and I look forward to it. He's starting to talk, but in typical boy fashion he uses his words when it suits his fancy, not on anyone else's urging (unless of course the two are combined).

We had an 85th birthday party for my mother, and were surprised to hear her say that it was the first 'official' birthday party she'd ever had. Of course we always had family get togethers, but nothing on the magnitude of this shindig.

My son has recently changed careers. The combination of exceedingly high stress and equally low pay caused him to leave his position as a Mental Health Professional. I think he really enjoyed his work with clients and judges in the mental health court program, but just couldn't support his family on such a meager salary. So now he's the Bud Man! Working for Budweiser (Annheiser Busch) and liking it!

As for me... well it's same-old same-old.

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  1. GOOD FOR YOU!!!! WELCOME BACK!!! Maybe this will be good for use of your extraordinary writing and typing skills..... Can't wait to make homemade noodles with you tomorrow... See you 9ish!!!!