Friday, August 21, 2009

Morning Cup

Since my life is about as interesting as a dish cloth, I thought I'd share my morning routine. I have several Mickey/Minnie Mouse coffee mugs that I use each morning for my daily cup 'o java. Then I go online and see how much time I can while away. Between Facebook and blogs, I've found that I can indeed waste quite a bit of time! But on the positive side, my fingers get a good workout, and since they're part of my body I guess that means that I'm working out. Woo hoo!! Not sure just how aerobic that is, but I'm counting it. Didn't realize until just now that I seem to have some kind of "pink" theme here.


  1. Is that one of those new little Dell lappys that they sing "Lollypop, lollypop," in the commercial????? It is sooooooo cute!!!

    Thanks for coming and commenting on my nearly pictureless post.

    I KNOW there was something you said in that comment that I wanted to REPLY to - - - but I'm so old I FORGOT what it was by the time I got over here to do the replying!!!!

  2. Hi Keetha... just come on back when you remember! Actually it's an HP netbook... and I love it.

  3. What the heck is Polish Pottery and do you eat Polish Sausage from it?