Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Got Nothin'

I've been reminded by my bloggy-friends that I've been remiss lately in updating my blog. Why is that??? Hmmm... honestly I don't know. Guess I don't lead a very interesting life.
However in reference to a previous post of mine, I want to let you know that I have acquired a new bird feeder and another hummingbird feeder. Those of you who've read my post on getting old and feeding birds will get a chuckle out of this. Those who haven't should probably read the old post so you can be in on the chuckle.
Had lunch with my friend Denise yesterday, and she mentioned working out. Interesting concept. The term sounded vaguely familiar. Ah yes, that's why I have a Wii, Wii Fit, some interesting equipment that is great to hang clothes on and to stack my boxes of craft materials (that I'll probably get to some day), and about 25 workout and walking DVD's.
I occasionally think it would be a good idea to walk to my egg-lady's house when I buy my eggs from her. It's about a mile & 1/2 away, up and down a couple of steep hills, would be a good workout. And then I move on to other great thoughts and ideas.
Which reminds me... I have some sewing to do - a couple of pillows for Jake and tote bags requested.

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  1. Dang Girl, I wish you lived closer!!! we could dream about working out together!!!