Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Birthday Parties

I finally got the birthday pictures uploaded. We had such a fun week celebrating Jake's first birthday. And Jake really seemed to enjoy it too! He's a very social little fella, so entertaining his friends and family was right up his alley.
It was a celebration for all of us.
And what a beautiful day it was. I'm only in one picture because as usual I was the one taking the pictures. But that's quite all right with me.


  1. He is sooooooo adorable.

    What if he would have shoved that whole cake - - - glass plate and all - - - off of his high chair tray?

  2. Thanks, Keetha! He is the light of my life. Good point about the cake plate... he likes to eat way too much to waste a perfectly good cake!!

  3. okay...we are so gonna need you to load a new picture of us...since the baby is out of the belly now. Need an updated one??? And how come I haven't seen one of those fabulous bags yet????