Sunday, June 14, 2009

An Award!

WOWEE! Look what I got... an award! Thanks to my most delightful friend, Lori. Gee, I wish I would have prepared a speech (checking my pockets to see if I might just have one tucked away, but no luck).

I'm honored, and thank my family, friends, pets, plants, trees, along with my director and producer, and my fans... wrong speech? oops.

Thanks, Lori. I hope my future blogs live up to the "fabulosity" expectation.


  1. Whoooo Hoooo - - - as a fellow recipient of this award from Lori, I think maybe we SHOULD organize an acceptance ceremony!!! I'll start workin' on my speech too.


  2. You did deserve such an award. After all, you have mastered so much in such a little time. And besides you have baby Jake cutie pie first on the pic list. His picture is a magnet!!!