Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pam's Law #1 - When Will I EVER Learn????

We all know there's a law of the universe that basically says that "when you look your worst, you run into the people you'd really like to look your best for", right? I'm going to officially name it "Pam's Law #1" since I'm probably the #1 offender. And every time it happens I wonder if I'm ever going to learn!

This weekend I received a last minute invitation to a friend's son's college graduation party at a local pub. I was showered, so I was at least clean, but didn't have time to curl my hair, so just pulled it back in a braid/ponytail. Nor did I fuss with my clothes, since this pub is very casual, and I honestly didn't expect to see more than 1 or 2 people that I knew. And of course the worst offense... minimal makeup. But I figured, what the heck, I'll only be there long enough for a brief "congrats" to the grad and family, an ice tea, and then back home.

OK... so now you see where I'm headed with this...

I saw friends there that I hadn't seen in years! The stars were aligned such that one of my best friends from grade/high school was in town from Texas, and my college roommate (who happened to be the grad's aunt - which I had completely forgotten) was in town as well. The three of us were the best of friends in high school and college years.

I also saw a couple of mom's that I hung around with when my son was in school. Along with a bunch of other people.

And I looked like I just came in off the farm... straight from the fields... parked my tractor outside the bar. Well I don't actually have a farm or a tractor...

Well we had a good time and took pictures anyway. So here's to surprise reunions with good friends!

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  1. Wow, I too, have trouble with Pam's Law #1. Been caught off guard just like that. I believe that's Deenie (Without asking Alan). Oh my, I haven't seen her since... before kids maybe. And Deb Thomas. She stopped by about a year ago, she looks great! I don't know 3rd pic, next to Connie, is that Elmira? Anyway, glad you didn't let anything stop ya from having a nice visit! Good Times.....