Saturday, June 6, 2009

Another Project - Canvas Shopping Tote

It's Saturday, kinda gloomy outside, and I'm having a low-energy day.

I started a new project today - I'm making a new canvas shopping tote. Of course when/if I finish I will most certainly post a picture. I wanted some totes that were more sturdy than the 99 cent bags I purchased at the grocery store, so decided to make them myself. I've already bought several pieces of canvas fabric in great prints in anticipation of my successful venture. So if all works out well, it will probably be the gift of choice for my best friends for Christmas or birthdays. (Cover your eyes, Lori.)

Progress so far; I've cut the appropriate fabric pieces and loaded the thread into my sewing machine. And am on a break right now.
One of the results of suffering from chronic insomnia and depression (as I do) has been an 'abbreviated' attention span. But I'm workin' on it!
Well ... back to the sewing machine.


  1. YEAHHHHH! oops,,,,, eyes closed!!!!

  2. I just came and toodled around your blog for a while - - - I notice SEVERAL things we have in common:

    1) I'm 55, just BARELY younger than you.
    2) As already mentioned, I have a sister Pam
    3) I call my blog "eclectic stuff" which I think is pretty close to "scattered interests."
    4) You have a friend Deb with a summer home in my beloved home state - - - Wisconsin!!! Just from the little snatch of background in her picture, I'm GUESSING that home is in the northwoods - - - which leads me to wonder WHERE it is in those northwoods that are my very ROOTS!!!! We go to the Hayward & Spooner area EVERY July.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog. FYI, I just went off my cholesterol meds because of depression, insomnia, and total lack of energy (embarrassing because I teach exercise!). We'll see if I die of heart disease before I get back to the doc next month!!!

    The Texas Woman