Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Art of the Nap

Here is the King of my house, Mr. Blink. He rules my other cat (Baby Grace), me of course, and even my big lumbering chocolate lab, Fannie May.
Mr. Blink is 20 years old, and still goes outside daily to hunt. He's a little slower and a little chubbier than in his prime, and takes more naps now. (Hmmm... sounds pretty familiar!) But he's still going strong.
Funny thing about our relationship; Mr. Blink and I have lived together longer that I've ever lived with anyone! My son even moved out to live on his own when he was in college... well at least as much as college students ever really live on their own, as most of you will understand.
Blink and I understand each other. I make sure he's well fed, plenty of water, and am always available to open the door when he feels he's on the wrong side of it. I welcome him home when he spends an occasional 'night out'... he's always waiting at the door when I let the dog out in the morning. By the way, a scene that is taken directly from the opening of The Flintstones.
And I'm totally envious of his ability to complete relax.

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  1. OH Mr. Blink, you just haven't used up all your nine lives yet and that's okay. I know Pam is a good mom and she will be there whenever you need her. Wait until that baby Jake starts chasing you around, you may not be napping as often!!!