Friday, May 29, 2009

Plant Pink For A Cure

I love pink flowers, but I also purchased and planted these because a portion of the proceeds gets donated to 'Susan G. Komen For The Cure'. The flower on the bottom is the "Allure Light Pink Zonal Geranium" and the flower on the top is the "Dahlietta Louise (Rose & White) Dahlia". Lowe's sells these if you're interested.

My mother is a two-time breast cancer survivor, so I have a personal interest in supporting the cause. She's a petite little woman, but has been tough enough to win this battle and will be 84 years old this August.

We have a pretty typical mother/daughter relationship, i.e. we don't always get along so swell. After Dad died, my son mentioned that maybe Grandma and I should live together like in the Golden Girls (which was one of his favorite shows when he was very little). My first reaction was "you're joking, right?" An arrangement like that would drive both of us completely mad. (crazy-mad not angry-mad) She has a much more active social life than I do, and I enjoy solitude when I get home. I like my steak juicy, and she eats hers crispy. We are almost complete opposites in most aspects. But alike in that we both read a lot, like funny movies and have a love of education and the classroom.

Ah yes... I hope I'm not the only daughter who has a difficult time defining a mother/daughter relationship. It is what it is.


  1. Ahhh, yes, I have one of each of those. a mother and a daughter. So does that make me the surgery creamy center that is the best part of the cookie? Hooray for Bunny who not only is going to be 84 years young and strong, but survivor also...

  2. P.S. glad you got the pics going. Those flowers are beautiful... Oh and yayyyy! you are international...

  3. Thank you so much for finding, commenting on, and following my blog!!!! BTW - - - I have a sister Pam!!! Hers is short for Pamela, but is your full name Pammery, or is that a nickname too?

    I scoured through your blog looking for a picture of YOU - - - didn't find one.

  4. To Keetha, Look at her neice, they are dead ringers, look like twins...

  5. Oh yes the Mother/Daughter relationship is difficult, complex and sometimes fun. Mom will always be Mom no matter how old I get. LOL!