Monday, May 18, 2009

Spring - The Time for Fresh Starts

My good friend Lori tells me that I need to dedicate a specific time each day to blog. So I'm giving it a try. Don't know how much I have to share that will be as interesting as the other blogs I've read, particularly Lori's. Hers is fantastic.

My interests are eclectic (I like that word, it's a nice one), scattered and unfocused. Please, no psychological interpretation; my son is in that field and has already given me the full analysis. Actually, I've taken credit many times for being the reason he chose to study and practice psychology. And if he ever writes a book or publishes a thesis, I expect to be the case study he references.

At this time my attention is focused on getting my flowers and veggies planted, decluttering my house (which bugs the devil out of a person very special to me), sewing (I'm making a "Bob the Builder" pillow for my precious grandson), preparing my beveled glass pieces so I can start making the candle holders I'm interested in... well, ok see how I mis-use the word "focused"?

And of course I read every night too. Sometimes I have 2-3 books going at one time.

Pictures that I post will be those that represent factors of my life; things that impact my life, my day and my moments.

I hope that I can provide stories about my adventures that will entertain you, thoughts and opinions that interest you, and reflections that touch you.


  1. Excellent blog!!! Way to go. Can't wait to read more, as you know, I have always loved your humor. Best of Luck and let's see some Jake pics gma.

  2. omg the Jakester is adorable, the hat is too much!

  3. No WONDER you enjoyed my blog since ECLECTIC appears right in my bloggy title!!!